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Mythica: A Quest For Heroes 720p




When Marek discovers that her grandmother is actually the legendary sorcerer Merlin she realizes that this is her chance to become an interesting woman and to accomplish a mission that has been entrusted to her by Teela . Characters Marek – main character Teela – Marek's grandmother Merlin – magical genie who grants Marek's three wishes. He is a courageous and loyal friend to her. He is always ready to serve the main character in her adventures. Brok – a nobleman's son, his grandfather was a smith who bore a grudge against Merlin. He wants to bring down Merlin and Marek. He is the primary antagonist. Sigurd – Brok's cousin, he is a dragon-like creature. Brok has a great deal of respect for him. Sigurd can speak in the language of animals. Bez – The last member of the trio of the Dicemillen creatures. Their entire purpose is to destroy Marek's magic sword. Their names in their own language is Zemda. References Category:Spanish fantasy novels Category:Fantasy novels Category:Novels about Magyk Category:Spanish novels Category:Spanish children's literature Category:1994 novels Category:1994 children's books Category:Fictional amuletsQ: Move an element with drag and drop behavior in pure JavaScript I have made a simple HTML drop zone with pure JavaScript and jQuery. The elements are just moved to the target area. If I remove the handler from the drag end, it will create a standard drag and drop behavior (like a sortable). The problem I have is, if I remove the handler from the drop-end (like x-events='drop: function(evt) {}' removes it from the dropzone) it will create a sortable (I just have a list, if I drag and drop an element into the list, it just drops). How can I get the effect that I just move an element with an specific mouse-drag and if I stop the mouse-drag, it will create a sortable, without having a regular sortable (like it would be in jQuery)? Here is a Fiddle of it. A: You need to use javascript's event delegation instead of normal event handlers for this to work. event delegation requires changing your JavaScript's document's body into a javascript Object, you can




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Mythica: A Quest For Heroes 720p

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